The Pop up is a trick in Drunken Masters.


The trick can only be done with the large liquor bottles. Small bottles, glasses, and the beer bottle do not work.

Start by selecting any glass and throwing it into the air. Then, grab any large liquor bottle and hold it underneath. The bottle's spout will "catch" the glass; this is known as a "glass catch". The player will earn points for this. Releasing the bottle will release the glass into the air; the player can simply grab onto the bottle and catch the glass again to earn more points.

To do a pop up, the player must do a Hand Spin with the bottle. This will launch and "pop up" the glass into the air. The player must move the bottle underneath the airborne glass in order to pop it back up into the air. The direction the glass will move in will be random, and will become more and more unpredictable the more times the player pops it back up. Should either the glass or bottle break, the combo will fail and any unbanked points will be lost.

The player can also do a pop up by throwing a glass and immediately doing a hand spin with a liquor bottle, skipping the glass catch step.


The trick can be upgraded after completing Checklist #4 for $5000. With this upgrade, the glass popup direction will still be random, but is more likely to move in the direction the bottle is moving in.

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