A Power Hour is a special shift that occurs on the last day of every other week.

During a power hour, customers show up four at a time, and may order a wide variety of drinks. Players have a time limit, and the shift automatically ends when the timer expires. The goal is to serve as many customers as possible during the time limit.

During the first power hour, all customers will always order beer; subsequent power hours will not have this "advantage".

Masai's Momentum will play during a power hour, as opposed to cornandbean's Blaze.

Power HoursEdit

Week 1Edit

It's opening day for the slammin' almonds. We're sponsoring that good-for-nothing team this season, which means we're giving away free beer during the first at-bat.

Not everyone's a fan of minor league baseball, but everyone likes free beer. Get over to the bar and handle the rush!

This power hour lasts for 30 seconds.

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